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Reputation Management

What is Reputation Management?

When you boil it down, the nuts and bolts of digital PR are all about making the absolute most out of what you’ve got. By building a strong network of contacts and creating news-worthy and attention-grabbing campaigns, digital PR helps you to turn your ideas and contacts into coverage and your coverage into links.

Digital PR is all about communication.

Think of it like positioning your business in the right place at the right time with a big enough megaphone – our job when running a digital PR campaign is to get your business in front of all the right people and with the content and news to make sure that people hear you. The best kind of digital PR brings your business to the forefront with creative content campaigns and fantastic coverage.

What Reputation Management
Reputation Management

If you’re a bigger business looking to improve your trust and credibility by gaining coverage in authoritative sources, then a noticeable and news-baiting digital PR campaign is the way to go. If you’re a smaller business hoping to open up an industry network and improve your chances of gaining new partnerships and clientele, then a digital PR campaign is the way to go. Essentially, digital PR campaigns are a multi-pronged approach to marketing that, when done well, can achieve a great deal for your business at the same time – and it works for businesses of all sizes.

Digital PR earns coverage that boosts your SEO.

At Little Mouse Media, our PR efforts are about earning the coverage that matters. Whether it’s a winning mention from a national news source, a partnership with an industry giant, or an established organisation giving you a shout out, we aim to get you noticed. Then, we work to turn that coverage into SEO.

Link building is a huge part of the way that we approach digital PR. Excellent coverage and anchoring your brand in the midst of current conversations is fantastic, but we always want to turn that into something that will benefit your SEO efforts. Whatever mentions you earn in the places that matter, we’re always looking for ways to turn these into powerful links that can boost your website significantly in the long-term. Authoritative and trusted links from powerful websites are one of the best ways to tell Google that your website matters and that it needs to be seen. Basically, earning high-quality links through digital PR is a fantastic way of actually capitalising on the coverage you’re receiving and taking the opportunity to raise your visibility.

Digital PR means producing high-quality content that lasts.

Unfortunately, journalists and industry leaders don’t hand out links and mentions for free. If that was the case, then you’d hardly need an expert digital marketing agency to do your digital PR for you. Of course, digital PR means knowing the right people. But more than that, it means giving them the kind of content that they actually want to share.

Asking a contact you have in local journalism for a mention is great, but there’s got to be high-quality content behind it that makes the link worth it for them too. The best way of encouraging people to share your brand with impactful links and improved coverage is to be consistently producing news-worthy and evergreen content. The benefit of this is that high-quality evergreen content does more than just aid your digital PR efforts – it’s the kind of content that builds a strong foundation that supports and boosts your brand in the long term. This is one of the very best methods of supporting your SEO.

Traditional PR is in decline.

The number of businesses and customers who believe and trust in traditional forms of advertising is currently dropping – and this includes online advertising too. This has been particularly apparent over the last decade – in 2015 the Reuters Institute at the University of Oxford found that 31% of UK respondents found traditional banner advertising distracting and would avoid websites where the advertising interferes with their experience. Marketers are having to find increasingly creative ways of getting their message out there and finding the coverage they need.

Of course, a cracking paid media campaign can still be incredibly effective. A targeted and analytical PPC campaign, or an insightful and disruptive social media campaign can work dividends, hauling in conversions, boosting brand recall and recognition, and earning you the kind of visibility that’s worth paying for. Nonetheless, as a business it’s important to understand both the importance and the limitations of each tool at your disposal. You need to be able to cover as many different avenues as you can for the best results possible – digital PR is an organic route that fills in the gaps left by your other campaigns, because it builds upon your SEO efforts while strengthening your relationships and business outreach.

Digital PR works for businesses of all sizes.

Because of the overwhelming movement towards digital platforms for marketing and advertising, alongside the decline of traditional advertising, more and more businesses are investing in digital PR. Fortunately, digital PR is an effective and impactful tool that benefits both large and small businesses. It doesn’t really matter what size your business is or what kind of budget you’ve got to work with – the fact is that digital PR efforts, whether large or small, improve the links your business benefits from – both across the web and between people.

Bigger and more established businesses might take to digital PR in order to reinforce their branding and to strengthen their national or global outreach with a news-worthy campaign that generates positive coverage. Smaller businesses and new start-ups looking to boost their growth can look to digital PR as a fantastic way of making new connections and getting much-needed exposure even with a limited budget. Digital PR is all about making the absolute most of what you’ve got, turning your contacts into coverage and your coverage into links.

Digital PR builds relationships and influence.

We’ve already touched on this, but it’s an important one. One of the most important things about digital PR is that it supports your other campaigns while doing something that, while is perhaps less quantifiable, is certainly no less important – building relationships and expanding your influence through your industry.

You see, the way that we approach digital PR here at Embryo is to put the business outreach and networking building first, and the SEO second. But we’re a search-led Manchester SEO agency, so how does that work? Well, SEO is incredibly important to us. We’re experts in analysing what makes Google and other search engines tick, and we build creative content campaigns and technical on-page and off-page SEO in order to optimise our clients to the best of our abilities, increasing visibility, generating more traffic and boosting conversions.

But, we still treat SEO as secondary when it comes to our digital PR, and we think that’s part of the secret to our success. Link building is an SEO practice and it’s a huge part of digital PR. But if you’re only focusing on getting links that Google is going to appreciate, then you’re missing out on an opportunity to build relationships that could impact your business in a long-term and entirely positive way.

Links are fantastic, and high quality links from high authority websites that signal to Google that your site is both important and trustworthy are even better. And one of the main end results of any digital PR campaign is to generate as many of these as possible. But we always approach our link building with the aim of building a business network for your company first. Why? Because building links for the sake of Google limits your horizons and puts your fate in Google’s hands. As Eric Ward, the most prolific and successful link builder of all time, said: the first commandment of link building is to pretend that Google doesn’t even exist.

A business’s links symbolises its relationships, so you should treat them that way too. Links can do an awful lot more than to just please Google and see a slight bump in visibility or traffic. The way we approach digital PR here at Embryo is to focus on raising brand awareness and connectivity, build public sentiment, get your name known in both local and national press, and to position you as an authoritative industry-leader.

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